Notre Dame Cathedral + Left Bank

Enjoy narrow medieval streets, memories of artists, poets and revolution, iconic cafes, hidden treasures of the Left Bank, follow the adventures of Hemingway.

Explore the island, meet Quasimodo, admire the gargoyles and the Giant stained-glass windows, and learn about all the mysteries of Notre Dame Cathedral!

NotreDameOne of the oldest areas of Paris, the 5th arrondissement, was the heart of Roman Paris during the Roman occupation of France (from the 1st c. B.C. to the 5th c. A.D.). You can still see traces of this period as you walk around. It became known as the Latin Quarter during the Middle Ages, when most of its residents were either students or clergymen who spoke Latin. Long associated with education and learning, it is here that you’ll find the most famous branch of the Université de Paris- Sorbonne, and the prestigious Collège de France. However, the revolutionary days of May ’68 are long gone, and although the 5th has retained a certain degree of youthful charm and romance, parts of it have become very touristy.

Walking along this narrow street will give you an idea of what Paris looked like during the Middle Ages, when most Parisian streets were between 2 and 5 m (6 1/2-16 ft.) wide.

Duration: 3 hours 

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