Great Boulevards, Opéra theater, Vendôme square

OperaOur walking tour starts from the most beautiful French national bank building (the dome is shaped by G. Eiffel) and will continue with the largest opera theater in Europe -Opera Garnier. Boasting an eclectic and ostentatious Baroque design, the Opera Garnier is one of the most extravagant representations of Second Empire architecture in France. Take this guided tour of its public areas and you will discover flamboyant art works as you follow in the footsteps of fashionable 19th-century French society.

After visiting the opera house, we will learn about the secrets of making perfume in the Fragonard’ fragrance museum ( free admission). After the museum, we will walk through the most beautiful part of Paris – the Vendộme square, where is located the fanciest hotel in the world – the Ritz.


Duration: 3 hours

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