France miniature

Not far from Paris locates an interesting theme park which gives a good overview of France’s most famous buildings, bringing them very close to us as miniature objects. Here is the only place you’ll find the Eiffel Tower only 10 meters (33 feet) high and view Arc de Triumph from the top!

A giant visit from the Alpine peaks to the Brittany coastline, not forgetting the Loire Valley castles and the port of Saint-Tropez…A miniature open air exploration of France, covering 5 hectares, in less than a day !

Open your eyes wide and admire our fabulous regional landscapes and the exact replicas on a 1/30 scale of 116 historical monuments, set out on a France miniature map.

Suits perfectly for a daily vacation with children. In addition for the eye candies, you’ll find lots of amusements and attractions for children: miniature vehicles, different swings and other elements to create joy and excitement!

Watch the videos from HERE ja here!

Duration: 4 hours

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