Vaux le Vicomte, The Palace of Fontainebleau + Barbizon village

Vaux le VicomteVaux le Vicomte was built by King Louis XIV superintendent Nicolas Fouquet, who was responsible for controlling the money of the royal treasury. He had sufficient financial capacity to build his own palace and hire the best builders of this era: The best landscape architect André le Notre , the great buildings architect Louis le Veau and on of the best artists Charles le Brun’i .

How this palace became the forerunner of the palace of Versailles? You will hear in during the tour!

“The true home of Kings, the house of all centuries” are the words Napoleon used to describe the mix of classical Renaissance styles at the royal palace of Fontainebleau

FontainebleuIn 1981, Unesco declared the castle a World Heritage site. The famous horse-shoe shaped staircase, an iconic feature of the palace based on a Renaissance model, is a work added during the reign of King Louis XIII. The improvements to the palace (eight in all) have been made continuously throughout the centuries. In the 16th Century, Francis the first (François I) turned it into a masterpiece of architecture and decoration.



You will continue your way to Barbizon village to discover the cradle of the pre-impressionist movement that inspired numerous artists. 



Duration: 5 hours

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