Châteaux of the Loire Valley

Since there is more than 60 different and historical castles in the Loire Valley, it is impossible to visit all of them in one day, therefore on our tour we will visit 3 of them – Chambord, Chenonceau and Clos Lucé + historical and interesting 500 years old Wine Cellar Plou & Fils. 

ChambordDiscover a beautiful and mystical Chambord castle, where even Walt Disney himself has got inspiration. It is said that the animator was enchanted by the castles dramatic details and gothic appearance that lead him to create ‘The Beauty and The Beast’. Also you can get lost in Leonardo da Vinci’s phenomenal screw-staircase and feel like a king when watching panoramic view on the estate on top of the roof-terraces. Chambord jahitubaWhen you are lucky, you can spot some wild animals, who lives in the 5,500 hectares forest, such as wild boars, deer and stags. The castle was built as a hunting lodge for François I, who visited Chambord only 72 times during 32 years of his reign.


Da VinciClos Lucé The castle where Leonardo da Vinci himself lived and changed the future of engineering. François I convinced the great genius to live there, to end his days at the court of France. There you can find some models of his inventions built according to his drawings, what will let you in to the dreams and thinking of this curious man, who drew his inspiration from observing nature. You know Leonardo the painter of Mona Lisa, but then meet Leonardo the engineer and scientist. Also you can see the deathbed, where da Vinci died between the arms of François I.

ChenonceauChenonceau is a real on water standing beauty, where queens lived. In the castle, there are only two professional gardeners, who are taking care of that in every room has a bouquet of fresh flowers to maintain that feminine touch and grace. In the wintertime all the fireplaces are working so that visitors could feel cosy and welcomed. Other than the Royal Palace of Versailles, it is the most visited château in France. Besides the legendary ‘Black room’’ is a must see!


Vine CellarPlou & Fils– Get a real personal experience when discovering 500 years old wine cellar. Plou & Fils means father and sons, what symbolizes five centuries of heritage, ancient wisdom and traditions. It also means that they supplied wine for François I himself! You can see the wine making process in old dusty barrels and also the wine business side. Don’t be surprised when leaving a little lightheaded cause of the kind and charming owner, who pours wine like water for you to degustate. Usually visitors leave with headful of knowledge about wine and no less than three bottles of quality wine.

Duration: 12 hours

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