The Thoiry Safari Park

Come and discover how wild animals live in their natural habitant- a perfect trip for families with kids. The park gives you the chance to see 800 animals roaming free across 8 km of land near Paris.

Animals in the reserve include bears, zebras, giraffes, rhinos, elephants etc. Safari trip will be with our comfortable bus, where you can observe safely the animals.

Part of the tour can be done on foot in the zoological and botanical gardens where visitors can see other fun animals and walk amongst the lions in a glass tunnel!
Other attractions are definitely the beautiful Thoiry castle, mystical mazes and amazing gardens.

Definitely a day to remember!

Price up to 6 people : 350€ + entry tickets 31€ adult, 24,70€ kid, 28,80€ senior

Duration : 5 hours (from your accommodation and back)

Normandy (Ètretat, Deauville, Honfleur)

NõelasilmNormandy is a beautiful historic county in Northern France by the English Channel, offering both natural- and architectural beauty. Normandy is filled with art and historical facts, from the Viking conquests and crusaders to the D-Day landings in 1944. Extraordinary day in Normandy begins with admiring white cliffs in the seaside village Étretat and walk to the top of the cliff. After crossing the Normandy’s bridge we’ll visit a small seaport town Honfleurthe elegant summer resorts Deauville( Where is held the famous Hollywood film festival) and Trouville. We’ll eat seafood, drink cider and taste Calvados.


Duration: 12 hours

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Normandy – Mont Saint-Michel

MSMMont Saint-Michel’s abbey, declared a historic monument, is situated in the town of the same name in the department of La Manche, in the Low-Normandy region about 360 km from Paris. The commune and the bay have been declared World Heritage sites by the Unesco.

As the second most visited tourist site in France, the commune of Mont Saint-Michel welcomes up to 20,000 visitors per day during the Summer. The Abbey, a monument, was the result of several reconstruction phases throughout the 10th and 16th Centuries. It was built on a pyramid-shaped granite rock. To adapt the construction, workers in the Middle Ages effectively ‘wrapped’ the buildings around the rock. Mont Saint-Michel’s bay has one of the highest tides in continental Europe (with up to 15 meters difference between high tide and low tide). Also the sea, as they say, reaches “the speed of a galloping horse”. The 80 meter long Abbey, the monastery, and the history of the church, all make Mont St Michel a unique place to visit. 


Duration – 13 hours

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The Palace of Versailles + Grand and Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet

An all day tour is ideal to fully discover the Versailles estate. See history come alive. Enjoy this guided tour of the palace in combination with the Grand and Petit Trianon and the French style gardens designed by André Le Nôtre.

These two smaller castles (Grand and Petit Trianon’s) enabled the Royals to escape the pomp and rigid formality of court life. The love between Louis XIV and Madame de Montespan flourished in the magnificent Grand Trianon. The Petite Trianon and the Hameau de la Reine is where Marie-Antoinette enjoyed living a simpler life.

The day begins in the King’s Private Apartment afterwards continuing with the State Apartments, visiting the Hall of Mirrors, the Queen’s bedroom and the Reception halls. You can enjoy lunch in the park near the Grand Canal at “La Petite Venise” restaurant or you can arrange your own picnic.

In the afternoon you will visit the Grand Trianon and continue on foot to Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet where the Queen played the shepherdess.

Enjoy the view of the newly restored Marie- Antoinette’s Theatre.


Duration: 8 hours

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Champagne and Reims cathedral

ChampagneThe Champagne wine region is a historic province within the administrative province of Champagne in the northeast of France. The area is best known for the production of the sparkling white wine that bears the region’s name. EU law and the laws of most countries reserve the term “Champagne” exclusively for wines that come from this region located about 100 miles (160 km) east of Paris. The towns of Reims and Épernay are the commercial centers of the area.

Watch the video how Dom Perignon invented the new production of champagne at the end of this page…↓

The two best champagnes of Moët & Chandon are named after him – Dom Perignon Vintage ja Dom Perignon Rosé. 

The fermentation in Champagne is made from one white – Chardonnay – and two red – Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier grapes.

We will start our tour with a visit to the Reims cathedral where the coronations of French kings took place and which is also knows for its perfect Gothic facade (≈2500 sculptures on the facade, famous smiling statues of angels) and the stained glass windows by Marc Chagall.

After the lunch, we will drive to the capital of Champagne, Épernay, to be part of the most exciting tour in one of the most famous champagne producer – MERCIER. Mercier became famous for his marketing skills – in 1889 he built a 200 000 liters (52 834 US gallons) oak barrel with fancy trimmings which he brought to the World Exhibition in Paris.

That day was such an important event that they gave a day off for all the students of France! In order to arrive to the Eiffel Tower (main entrance of the WE), Mercier had to build new roads and bridges and buy some houses in the suburbs which was on his way…

You will hear about the innovative business genius Eugène Mercier while driving several kilometers with a modern train in the underground tunnels of champagne cellars. The tour ends with a champagne tasting.

We will finish our spirited day with a visit to the small producer of champagne where we will see the secrets of making the champagne directly from the owner. After the tasting, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking views of the beautiful valley of the Marne rivers wine yards…

We will arrive back to Paris late at night.

Duration : 10 hours

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D-Day Normandy – Landing beaches

D-dayD-Day, June 6, 1944, in Normandy, France, was the largest amphibious operation in human history- its aim to liberate Nazi occupied Europe. More than half a century has gone by, but Normandy has not forgotten its liberators. Instead, its beaches and little towns live on to honor the brave men who fought for its freedom.

The D-Day tour begins in the quaint little town of St. Mere Eglise where it all started, and continues with a walk in the footsteps of the brave on the beaches of Omaha and Utah. After lunch, we will visit the memorial of Dick Waters and the band of brothers, and the famous Point du Hoc cliff. The tour ends with the flag folding ceremony at the American military cemetery, one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cemeteries in the world.


The whole day tour includes pick up at the hotel, four hour drive to Normandy, road tolls, tour of the most famous D-Day sights, and a drive back to Paris. 

Duration: 13 hours

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Châteaux of the Loire Valley

Since there is more than 60 different and historical castles in the Loire Valley, it is impossible to visit all of them in one day, therefore on our tour we will visit 3 of them – Chambord, Chenonceau and Clos Lucé + historical and interesting 500 years old Wine Cellar Plou & Fils. 

ChambordDiscover a beautiful and mystical Chambord castle, where even Walt Disney himself has got inspiration. It is said that the animator was enchanted by the castles dramatic details and gothic appearance that lead him to create ‘The Beauty and The Beast’. Also you can get lost in Leonardo da Vinci’s phenomenal screw-staircase and feel like a king when watching panoramic view on the estate on top of the roof-terraces. Chambord jahitubaWhen you are lucky, you can spot some wild animals, who lives in the 5,500 hectares forest, such as wild boars, deer and stags. The castle was built as a hunting lodge for François I, who visited Chambord only 72 times during 32 years of his reign.


Da VinciClos Lucé The castle where Leonardo da Vinci himself lived and changed the future of engineering. François I convinced the great genius to live there, to end his days at the court of France. There you can find some models of his inventions built according to his drawings, what will let you in to the dreams and thinking of this curious man, who drew his inspiration from observing nature. You know Leonardo the painter of Mona Lisa, but then meet Leonardo the engineer and scientist. Also you can see the deathbed, where da Vinci died between the arms of François I.

ChenonceauChenonceau is a real on water standing beauty, where queens lived. In the castle, there are only two professional gardeners, who are taking care of that in every room has a bouquet of fresh flowers to maintain that feminine touch and grace. In the wintertime all the fireplaces are working so that visitors could feel cosy and welcomed. Other than the Royal Palace of Versailles, it is the most visited château in France. Besides the legendary ‘Black room’’ is a must see!


Vine CellarPlou & Fils– Get a real personal experience when discovering 500 years old wine cellar. Plou & Fils means father and sons, what symbolizes five centuries of heritage, ancient wisdom and traditions. It also means that they supplied wine for François I himself! You can see the wine making process in old dusty barrels and also the wine business side. Don’t be surprised when leaving a little lightheaded cause of the kind and charming owner, who pours wine like water for you to degustate. Usually visitors leave with headful of knowledge about wine and no less than three bottles of quality wine.

Duration: 12 hours

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Vaux le Vicomte, The Palace of Fontainebleau + Barbizon village

Vaux le VicomteVaux le Vicomte was built by King Louis XIV superintendent Nicolas Fouquet, who was responsible for controlling the money of the royal treasury. He had sufficient financial capacity to build his own palace and hire the best builders of this era: The best landscape architect André le Notre , the great buildings architect Louis le Veau and on of the best artists Charles le Brun’i .

How this palace became the forerunner of the palace of Versailles? You will hear in during the tour!

“The true home of Kings, the house of all centuries” are the words Napoleon used to describe the mix of classical Renaissance styles at the royal palace of Fontainebleau

FontainebleuIn 1981, Unesco declared the castle a World Heritage site. The famous horse-shoe shaped staircase, an iconic feature of the palace based on a Renaissance model, is a work added during the reign of King Louis XIII. The improvements to the palace (eight in all) have been made continuously throughout the centuries. In the 16th Century, Francis the first (François I) turned it into a masterpiece of architecture and decoration.



You will continue your way to Barbizon village to discover the cradle of the pre-impressionist movement that inspired numerous artists. 



Duration: 5 hours

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Giverny – Claude Monet’s garden and home

Monet scillfully joined his gardens and the verandahMuch of Claude Monet’s love affair with natural light and color took place in this green-trimmed pink country house, where the artist lived and worked from 1883 to 1926. His greatest passion was his garden, and it has been meticulously re-created and planted to provide a glory of floral drama for the three seasons it is open to the public. It was here that Monet and his fellow Impressionists- Sisley, Cèzanne, Pissarro, Manet, and Renoir– would set up their easels outdoors. Walking through his house and gardens, you will feel the atmosphere which reigned at the home of the Master of Impressionism and marvel at the floral compositions and nymphéas, his greatest sources of inspiration.

After the lunch in a local village restaurant, we will drive to Paris and continue our tour in the Marmottan museum. In Marmottan, you can find Monet’s friends paintings along with his own famous works such as ”Impression, Sunrise” – which was the start of impressionism.


Duration : 5 hours

NB! From April to the end of October; Water lilies blooming time at the end of June!

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Euro Disneyland®

DLEuro Disneyland® is the most visited world of entertainment which provides good emotions to every person for different age groups. The fairy tale-like atmosphere will make you feel as yourself has walked in to a Disney fairy-tale and films. There are numerous attractions, starting with/from the castle of “Sleeping Beauty” aimed for the little ones, to the attractions for grow-ups, for example “Space Mission” and “Indiana Jones”. Performances take place in the park all day long (Aladdin’s magic lamp, the Peter Pan world, etc…). There are also many interesting shops and restaurants. Every evening ends with a spectacular fireworks show and parade of Disney characters.

Walt Disney StudiosThe park is located next to the Walt Disney studios® where you can take a train ride along a variety of well-known movies and watch the making of effects. Both parks together give an incredible experience and memories. Besides the interesting atmosphere of the Walt Disney Studios®, you can also enjoy the crazy attractions as well.

Park hours of operation vary by season. See the timetable here.

At the same time of the transfer we’ll give good advice where to go and what to avoid, where to eat and provide you with general good information.

We also offer a personalized tour guide/ escort* for the whole family and kids. It’s a good way to spend a joyful day in Disneyland® Paris for children and parents!

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